The International Symposium on Assistive and Recuperative Technologies for Injured, ill, Pregnant, Elderly and people with Disabilities ARTIPED

The International Symposium on Assistive and Recuperative Technologies for Injured,ill, Pregnant, Elderly and people with Disabilities be held in Iasi, Romania, July 23-25, 2009focus: technologies benefiting from the revolution in robotics and prosthetic devices..

Sill working on program.

A special focus of the 2009 ARTIPED is on technologies benefiting from therevolution in robotics and prosthetic devices. Thus, special sessions will beorganized on the following topics:  * Therapeutic and surgery robots for minimally invasive and remote operationprocedures;  * Assistive and caregiving robotics and systems;  * Endoprosthetic devices, technologies and procedures for restoring functionality  * Exoprosthetic devices, technologies and procedures, exoskeletons and othersystems for restoring mobility;  * Prosthetic technologies for systems for coping with perception, control andcommunication impairments (hearing, speech, and vision assistive systems,brain-machine interfaces  and control, neuro-robotics),  * Robotics and automation in genetic/stem cell/tissue engineering, intelligentinformation processing in new devices and robots,

Broader areas of interest in which submissions are also sought are the developmentand use of  * new materials and structures, procedures, robotics and prosthetic devices,information technologies supporting diagnostic and intervention, computerizeddiagnostic, monitoring and therapy, organ/tissue/blood/marrow preservation/banks;  * biotechnologies,  managed healthcare,  neuro-robotics,  biofeedback devices,bioinformatics, human genetic engineering, genetic technologies for therapy andenhancement;  * new techniques and technologies in neurosurgery, brain implants,neuro/brain-machine interfaces  and control,  stem cells engineering, tissueengineering, artificial and bio-artificial organs,  novel medical devices andsystems, etc.

Special sessions as of February 22:

Tissue engineering si stem cells
Contact: Session Chair- Luminita Simion,

Robotics/prosthetics in neurosurgery
Contact: Session Chair- Ion Poeata,

Autor: Samuel Franco Domínguez



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